make-it, take-it


You Make It; You Take It! Isn’t that’s much better than You Break It; You Buy It? If you love to craft, or even if you don’t, you’ll love the fun creations you can make at our craft station presented by Stylish Patina. Swing by when you want or need a break from all the other fun you are having at the Show and let your creative juices flow. You’ll love the creation you make, and we invite you to bring it home with you. Then, every time you look at it, we hope you’ll think back fondly to all the fun you had at the 2019 Home + Remodeling Show!


Kelly Millspaugh Thompson

The owner of Vintage Furniture + Home Decor shop Stylish Patina - she is the DIY and vintage furniture transformation leader in the D.C. metro area.  She was up-cycling vintage finds before it was trendy.  A Northern Virginia native and lover of all thing vintage her style is melding modern function with vintage soul.
Kelly is the premier retailer of the hottest furniture painting product on the market, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  She has many "tools" in her DIY back pocket but this one is her favorite. Learn more about her on her blog + website.

Christina Beckett

The manager of Stylish Patina and Kelly's right hand bestie! She is a wiz with a paint brush and loves to score vintage finds on the side of the road (seriously, who doesn't!). Christina is a military wife and mom of two girls. She has been painting with Chalk Paint® for over 5 years and loves how easy it is to help update furniture as they move over the years with the military.

Christina works on custom furniture painting projects with Kelly in the shop and teaches classes on how easy it is for folks to use Chalk Paint to update old out of date furniture + kitchen cabinetry.  Learn about our painting services and classes on the website.

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