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When renovating a home, it is wise to consider changes that will transition smoothly should you need to sell the home in the future. The Home + Remodeling Show is excited to welcome The Casey Samson Team to our home stage to present ideas on cost effective ways to change your traditional home to a transitional home. Can't wait to see them this weekend? Check out a few of their best home improvement tips below:

Samson Team

Characteristics of a Preferred Transitional Home 
• Transitional style takes the best elements from both contemporary and traditional design to create warm, elegant and timeless space.
• Neutral walls make for a great backdrop for furniture, accent decor, statement pieces and artwork.
• Kitchens have stainless steel appliances, Quartz counters and white shaker cabinets. Kitchens can easily be updated without large expense by changing hardware, plumbing or lighting fixtures.
• Refined furnishing. Furnishings are a perfect blend between traditional and contemporary elements.
• Simple lines. Clean lines and simple architecture. Mix of straight and rounded profiles making it a nice balance of feminine and masculine design elements.
• Natural elements. Rich wood to compliment the neutral color scheme. This style also incorporates quartz, stone, granite and marble which works perfectly with both contemporary and traditional style.
• Neutral floors. Light hardwood floors and tiles are a popular choice. Just like with traditional design, rugs are used for a cozy touch.
• Minimalism. Less accessories and elegant finishes. Cost effective ways of converting a traditional style home into a transitional style home. 

10 No Cost Changes:
1. Declutter
2. Remove screens and window treatments
3. Remove knick knacks and old lamps
4. Thin out book cases
5. Remove all items from table tops and counters
6. Remove any oriental rugs and silk and large plants

Minor Changes (Under $2000) with high ROI:

1. New paint in 2019 colors with preferred professional painter
2. New rugs
3. Modern mirrors from Home Depot
4. Update plumbing fixtures from Home Depot in kitchen and baths
5. Update lighting, especially recessed lighting or a new globe light in the kitchen or dining room
6. New hardware on kitchen doors or in the bathrooms
7. Replace large framed pictures with modern pieces
8. Power wash
9. Fresh mulch and clean beds

The Home + Remodeling Show returns to the Dulles Expo Center January 18-20. Connect with hundreds of home improvement experts, like the Casey Samson Team, and find everything you need to refresh your space.

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